A New MOBILITY Experience



Alternative Mobility

Our mission is to support the transition to a more flexible and efficient mobility:
the mobility of the future.

Electric and Sustainable Vehicles

With 0 emissions.
We want to be an active part of the solution to environmental problems.

Patented Innovation

Our R&D projects have led to technological patents that improve the overall driving safety and vehicular movements.

New Experiencies

We want to give users the opportunity to test new products that allow them to experience new driving sensations.


User safety is a key issue of our philosophy. Not only on the characteristics of the vehicle, but in their own feeling of security while they are driving.


We develop functional vehicles, according to current mobility needs: Freedom, comfort, connectivity.

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simboloVMS came up as a Spin-Out of the industrial group Marsan; Tier 2 of the automotive industry with more than 50 years of experience and international presence. More than create sustainable products, our goal is to promote and support a new type of mobility, adapted to users needs who claim for a greater flexibility and shorter commute times.

Our Projects

 Zero emission.
 Exclusive damping and tilting patented system.
 Reverse gear.
 Great cargo capacity.

…More features coming soon.

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